Corporate gifting and rewards solutions

Incentivise your sales teams, reward performance, boost staff benefits, and more. There’s a huge number of ways you can use Misobase Corporate to improve the relationships that matter the most to your business.


Incentivise sales teams

We offer recurring incentive plans specifically designed for providing ongoing incentivisation for your sales teams. With both monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, Misobase Corporate is a great way to reward your sales team for meeting or exceeding their targets. As a bonus, your account manager can handle all set-up and distribution of your Gift Vouchers.


Reward performance and celebrate milestones

Keep your team members happy by rewarding them often for their achievements and milestones. Whether it’s a work anniversary, a promotion, or simply doing a great job on a tough project, what better gift can you give than an unforgettable experience?


Buld strong business relationships

Did you just finish a big project with an important client? Or maybe you want a friendly way to reach out to a potential customer. Whatever the reason, there’s no better way to strengthen your business relationships than with an unexpected gift. All gifts can be branded with your logo and personalised with your message.


Boost your employee benefits

Ask about out employee benefit packages to learn how you can use Misobase Gift Vouchers and Experiences to amplify your offering to employees. Attracting and retaining top tier talent is harder than ever before, and your staff benefits can have a huge impact. Our benefits packages are designed to provide maximum benefit to your staff, while helping you to save time and optimise your costs.


Team building experiences

When you join the Misobase Corporate programme, you also get an exclusive discount on all our entire range of team-building activities. Heaps of unique activities in Singapore for small teams and large teams alike.